Auto Accident on Schuylkill Road Prompts Swift Response
By Liberty Steam Fire Engine Co. No.1
December 18, 2023

At 17:38 tonight, emergency services were summoned to the scene of an auto accident in front of 3361 Schuylkill Road. Station 63 and Micu83-4 were dispatched to respond to the incident, with Rescue 63 and Chief 63 taking prompt action to manage the situation.

Upon arrival, Chief 63 assessed the scene and directed a crew to address a door on one of the vehicles. Recognizing the need for traffic control, Chief 63 requested the closure of 724, with Traffic 63 swiftly implementing the road closure at 724 and Bridge. Simultaneously, Station 62 Fire Police (Ridge) closed 724 at Kolb Road, ensuring the safety of all on-site personnel and the public.

The efficient response of emergency services played a crucial role in managing the incident. One patient was promptly transported to the hospital for medical attention. Meanwhile, the dedicated crew members of Rescue 63 diligently cleared debris from the roadway, facilitating the impending tow vehicle operations.

After an hour of diligent efforts, Rescue 63 cleared the scene, demonstrating the effectiveness of the coordinated response. Chief 63, Traffic 63, and Station 62 Fire Police (Ridge) units cleared the area an hour and a half later, allowing for the resumption of regular traffic flow.

The collaboration and professionalism displayed by Station 63, Micu83-4, Chief 63, Rescue 63, Traffic 63, and Station 62 Fire Police (Ridge) highlight the commitment of our local emergency services to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community.